About MTLS Aerostructure

From the industry, at the service of the industry

At the service of the aerospace industry, MTLS Aerostructure is committed to providing superior engineering and contractor staffing services tailored to your projects.

Founded and led by aerospace consultants, MTLS Aerostructure provides quality services to key players in the aerospace industry in order to meet the needs of skills, resources and to provide solutions to the specific constraints of the industry in North America, Europe and beyond.

MTLS Aerostructure has become an industry benchmark thanks to our comprehensive service model, unique and proven recruitment approach, optimized proposals and broad range of services. In addition to eliminating the risk of program delays, MTLS Aerostructure takes out the financial risks that are associated with the recruitment and selection of human resources, averts staff turnover during crucial periods and allows employers to try out prospective personnel prior to hiring.

Our mission: to be a stakeholder in the achievement of our customers’ dreams by providing only the best available services and resources exactly when and where they are needed.

Know-how and collaboration drive our approach.

Integrity, partnership, commitment and prosperity are our essential values.

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