Onsite Experts

Recognized know-how for your projects

Aerospace projects require the deployment of large-scale teams and resources, and the industry necessarily relies on external sources during peak periods or for specialized expertise that isn’t available internally.

MTLS Aerostructure stands ready to provide you with critical support whenever key experts with specific skills or know-how must be added promptly or intermittently to your in-house team.

In addition to eliminating the risk of program delays, the solutions proposed by our seasoned consultants take out the financial risks associated with the recruitment and selection of human resources, avert staff turnover during crucial periods and allow employers to try out prospective personnel prior to hiring. Our rigorous selection process reduces the amount of time spent recruiting and training personnel, thus allowing management team members to devote their full attention to core activities.

Given our vast experience, in-depth understanding of the sector and recruiting methods, MTLS Aerostructure only proposes best-in-class qualified specialists and can also assemble entire teams in order to carry out your aerospace projects.

From the selection to the project integration of human resources, MTLS Aerostructure can meet all of your personnel needs, no matter how specialized:

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